Volume Discount Policy

The policy applies to orders for both stock and special order items. While our regular posted prices are geared to small lot orders, which is the majority of our business, we recognize that customers ordering in large quantities deserve a discount. To keep it simple, we have implemented the percentage discount ranges below based on the total order dollar value before UPS.


Discounts in percentage

Order $ Value
  • Less than $250.00        
  • $250.00 – $499.99
  • $500.00 – $999.99 
  • $1,000.00 & up

% Discount




  1. For orders of 50 or more per item we ship 2% extra free.
  2. Our shopping cart UPS charges are based on small lot shipments where packing materials are a higher percentage of the total weight. When appropriate on volume orders we will refigure the UPS charges, thus saving you money.

Note: Our shopping cart totals will not reflect the above discounts – we will apply them to your invoice before running your credit card.

For volume order questions not covered by the above policy, please call Rodney directly at (434) 299-6102.