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Custom Wood Sculpture Bases
We have designed and hand crafted a variety of various wooden bases for sculptures and statues as well as trophies. If our stock standard or larger bases do not fit your needs, we can custom make a base for your sculptures to fit your standards. Please fill out our custom order form for a quote and more information. You can view a sampling of the customized sculpture bases that we have crafted below.

Apache Indian Sculpture Display
Apache Sculpture Display Base

Horse Sculpture Display Base
Horse Sculpture Display Base

Reclining Woman Sculpture by Joan Benefiel
Reclining Woman, Sculpture by Joan Benefiel, New York, NY

Charger Status with Rustic Base
Rustic Base, Weathered-look Imperfections were Requested by the customer

Bronze Dancer Statue with Base
Bronze Dancer Sculpture with Base

Group picture of urns Sculpture by Cheryl Pope
Group picture of urns, Sculpture by Cheryl Pope, Chicago, Il

Roman Archer by Maria Senkel.jpg
Roman Archer by Maria Senkel

Display Base for Statues
Wooden Sculpture Display Base

Da Vinci Helo Trophy
Da Vinci Helo Sculpture

See other examples of display bases


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